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Update log


  • Started building out Selfie station page

  • Created main design and outline for page sections

  • Created Hero section for selfie page.

  • Created background gradient images

  • Removed redundant pages and duplicate content

  • Cleaned up and simplified the nav bar

  • Renamed pages to proper service names

  • Started building out the Classy Dj page

  • Created pricing and feature list for the Dj page

  • Created update info page. 

  • Updated links to social media

  • Added more images to Celebration transportation page. 


  • Finished the main home page

  • Created dj graphics.

  • Created testimony section.

  • Created microphone graphic for testimony section

  • Updated the About Me section on the main page and set links

  • Updated Footer section with logo and social media links

  • Started organizing sub-page structure in outline as emailed


  • Started rebuilding Main home page with sections emailed

  • Created Main hero section.

  • Created Services section.

  • Started updating the booking system and testing components

  • Created copy for services. 

  • Modified logos for the services section.

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