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Welcome to The Classy DeeJay, where we bring the ultimate entertainment experience to your special events! As the leading experts in creating unforgettable moments, we are thrilled to introduce our new and exciting Extravaganza Packages. Prepare to be amazed and let us transform your event into an extraordinary celebration!

💡 Accent Lighting: Illuminate your event with our state-of-the-art accent lighting options. We offer a wide range of customizable lighting solutions that will set the perfect ambiance, capturing the essence of any occasion. From elegant and sophisticated to vibrant and energetic, our lighting will truly elevate your event to new heights.

📸 Photobooths: Capture memories that will last a lifetime with our cutting-edge photobooths. Our sleek and stylish booths will entertain your guests, providing them with unlimited fun and laughter. Let them strike a pose, don some props, and create personalized photo keepsakes that will forever remind them of your remarkable event.

🎇 Cold Spark Fountains: Spark up the excitement and create breathtaking moments with our mesmerizing cold spark fountains. These magical displays will add a touch of grandeur to your celebrations, creating dazzling visuals that will leave everyone in awe. Our expert technicians will ensure that the fountains enhance the atmosphere while guaranteeing safety for all.

🚍 Party Buses: Take your event on the road and let the party begin from the moment your guests step on board our luxurious party buses. With extraordinary entertainment features, comfortable seating, and a vibrant atmosphere, your guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience as they travel with style and flair to your destination.

🌟 Special Event Transportation: Leave no detail overlooked when it comes to transporting your guests. Our special event transportation service ensures seamless, reliable, and stylish travel from one location to another. Whether it's a wedding, corporate function, or any special occasion, let Classy DeeJay take care of your transportation needs with utmost professionalism.  From DJ services to astounding light shows, photobooths to party buses, we offer it all!Scroll Down and see us in action, along with pricing 

Snap-tastic Photobooths

  •  Free Online Gallery: With digital photobooths, you not only capture memorable moments, but also receive access to a free online gallery. Relive those hilarious, heartwarming, or silly moments anytime, anywhere!

  • Picture Bommerangs: Our digital photobooths offer the exciting feature of creating captivating picture bommerangs. Watch as your memories come to life with these dynamic and engaging loops.

  • Gigs All Sent to Your Phone or Email: Our digital photobooths conveniently send all the gigabytes of fun straight to your phone or email. It's quick, easy, and saves you time!

  • Instant Social Media Sharing: Share your unforgettable photobooth experiences with friends and family instantly on social media platforms. Upload, tag, and let the world be a part of your joyous moments! Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime with our digital photobooths. Whether it's capturing a happy wedding day, throwing a smashing party, or creating memorable corporate events, our photobooths are guaranteed to add a touch of magic to any occasion. Don't miss out on the fun! Join us as we unveil the brilliance and excitement that awaits in the world of digital photobooths. Hit that play button and let the adventure begin!    $150 Per Hour No minimum Required  

Day Of Wedding Tranportation 

Are you looking for the ultimate wedding shuttle and bachelorette party experience in Tucson? Look no further than Celebration Transportation! With our top-notch fleet of party buses and limousines, we guarantee an unforgettable time for you and your friends.

Picture this: you and your bridal party cruising down the streets of Tucson in style, the music pumping, and the champagne flowing. Our luxurious vehicles are equipped with all the amenities you need to keep the party going, including state-of-the-art sound systems, LED lighting, and comfortable seating. Whether you're planning a wild night out or a classy celebration, Celebration Transportation has got you covered.

And it's not just about the ride! Our experienced and professional drivers will ensure that you and your guests are safe and taken care of throughout the entire journey. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, making your special day even more memorable.

So, why stress about transportation when you can leave it all to us? Sit back, relax, and let Celebration Transportation handle all your wedding shuttle and bachelorette party needs in Tucson. Book now and make your celebration truly unforgettable! $200 Each way. Pick up from Hotel/Resort to the venue is "one way" ($200)  After the wedding pick up at venue to be taken back to hotel/resort is another one way. ($200) (520)260-5085 

Looking for efficient and affordable celebration transportation? Look no further! At our business, we offer high-quality services with our 12 passenger max buses and 16 passenger max buses. With our focus on customer satisfaction, we consider drive time and idle time pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Starting as low as $125, our flexible pricing options cater to your budget. Experience a hassle-free and enjoyable celebration with our reliable and comfortable transportation services. Book now and make your event unforgettable!
Wedding Shuttle, Concert Transportation, Wine days in Sonoita.
Contact us by Text/ Call (520)260-5085.
The Party Shuttles still include all the great things the party buses do, but are priced differently. 

360 Photo-Booth

$200 Per Hour

Cold Spark Fountains" $100-$500

"Captivating Cold Spark Fountains - Elevate Your Event with Non-Pyrotechnic Magic!"

We're thrilled to present to you the top reasons why Cold Spark Fountains are the ultimate choice for enhancing your special moments at events. These non-pyrotechnic and venue-safe fountains are guaranteed to add an unforgettable touch to any occasion.

⚡ Spectacular First Dances and Intros: Cold Spark Fountains create a captivating and magical ambiance, making them perfect for those pivotal moments during first dances or grand entrances. Watch as a dazzling shower of sparks illuminates the air, leaving you and your guests in awe.

⚡ Non-Pyrotechnic and Venue-Safe: Worried about safety regulations? Cold Spark Fountains are the ideal solution. These fountains are non-pyrotechnic, meaning there are no explosive materials involved. They are safe to use in various venues, allowing you to enjoy their breathtaking effects worry-free.

⚡ Exquisite for Any Event: Whether it's a wedding, birthday celebration, corporate function, or any other special occasion, Cold Spark Fountains add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event. Create magical memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

⚡ Versatile and Easy to Set Up: Cold Spark Fountains can be placed virtually anywhere! From indoor venues to outdoor settings, these versatile fountains can adapt to any surroundings. With their simple setup and user-friendly controls, achieving the desired effect has never been easier.

⚡ Customizable and Adjustable: Tailor the spark fountain display to match your event's theme. With adjustable heights and duration, you have complete control over the intensity and timing of the sparkling effects. Set the mood just the way you envision it.

⚡ Creates an Unforgettable Visual Experience: The visual impact of Cold Spark Fountains is simply awe-inspiring. Your guests will be treated to a stunning display of glittering sparks, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that will leave them talking about your event for years to come. Ready to make your special moments truly exceptional? Choose Cold Spark Fountains for an enchanting and unforgettable experience. Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime! Don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more exciting content. If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with Cold Spark Fountains, please leave a comment below.

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